Try These Bathtub Maintenance Tips for A More Functional Bathroom  

You may not be aware of this but the bathroom creates an impression, and this is the very reason why most people never overlook their bathroom’s cleanliness and condition.   

While there is a lot to discuss about bathrooms: from the shower, designs, wallpaper, and other important fixtures, we will focus on your bathtub in this article. Well, it is important to take one step at a time. After all, the bathtub is one of the most-used bathroom fixtures besides the toilet, and there is a need to maintain its cleanliness and good functionality condition.   

Homeowners tend to opt for bathtub refinishing to get rid of scratches and imperfections. While this is never bad and is even advised by experts, homeowners should still not overlook the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance in the long term. It will ensure easier cleaning and repair and less expense in the future.   

The following are the things to do to effectively take care of your bathroom:  

1. regular cleaning – regular cleaning of your bathtub helps prevent mildew and dirt buildup. Without buildup, you will need to deep clean your tub compared to when you do regular cleaning on a weekly basis. Cleaning also necessitates appropriate cleaning solutions and materials. Avoid using abrasive solutions that may clean the dirt but may also damage the tub surface in the long run. There are many natural cleaners made from organic and natural ingredients such as baking soda and vinegar mixed with water. However, you can also ask the shop for a less abrasive solution.  

2. repair cracks and small holes – homeowners overlook the necessity of immediate fixes until the cracks become prominent and holes get bigger leading to a more expensive repair. Additionally, if the grout is damaged or the surface has cracks, the spaces in-between become a safe haven for mildew and molds. If mixed with water and/or inhaled, these molds become a threat to your family’s health. Do a regular inspection. This does not need to be a formal inspection per se; you can do quick inspections whenever you use your bathroom. Set aside your phone for a while and take notice of what needs to be fixed in the space. This will even induce lesser screen time!  

3. wax your tub – wax polishing fixes your tub’s surface, ensuring that no cracks would accommodate mildew and dirt. Moreover, the polish provides an extra protective layer to the tub’s surface, making it tougher against dirt, stains, and molds. Some homeowners use their car wax as wax polishing DIY material. Although not that bad, it is not advisable. It is recommended that you purchase the kind that is intended for the material that your tub is made of. You may also opt to hire a service for this job for more convenience.   

4. discipline – maintenance also equates to your discipline whenever you use your bathroom and tub. For instance, ensure that every after tub usage, there are no stains and soap scums left on the surface to prevent mildew growth.   


Professional skills are unnecessary in bathroom maintenance when homeowners take the responsibility of regular cleaning and more discipline behavior.   

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